DRIVE – (verb) – to cause and guide the movement of, or otherwise cause to move by force or compulsion

OPTIMA’s DriveAutoX is a series of autocross lifestyle events that are as much about the social aspect as they are about the competition. We call it “AutoX”. The DriveAutoX series will emphasize both the drivers and their social experience, while developing new and unique formats that will test driver skill and vehicle performance.

What’s different? Most everything! First and foremost, this series is about a lifestyle – the people, the experience and the competition. The social aspect of the events will be priority. Every event will feature an opportunity to congregate, renew old friendships and start new ones.

DriveAutoX represents the logical evolution of autocross.  Qualifying formats will be in place to maximize seat time. Yes, you’re going to get A LOT of runs. Each DriveAutoX event is a full two days of action-packed competition. With up to three cars on course at a time, Saturday and Sunday qualifying will test the mettle of even the most seasoned competitor. On Sunday afternoon, each event will feature a unique format to determine class champions. And since we make the rules and nothing is off the table, there could be impromptu shootouts, pursuits, or runoffs.

DriveAutoX is a points-based series of events.  Competitors will have an opportunity to compete in multiple events to accumulate points towards a national class championship.  Class champions will compete for 4 invitations to the UMI King of the Mountain event to compete against the USA’s best autocrossers with payouts exceeding $25,000.

The rules are simple and easy to follow – and are not up for debate. We all love competition, but DriveAutoX will keep it friendly and fun. There are classes for all years/makes/models and modifications. Prizes will be given to those that perform well, but the grand prize goes to everyone that comes out, has fun, and leaves with a smile.

You will never be required to work or shag cones. Evolutionary rules changes and enthusiastic volunteers make sure all you have to focus on is your driving, story telling and laughing.

Our event locations are premium, just like the rest of the experience. With the addition of the Speed Tour event at Road Atlanta, we are introducing spectators to our exciting format.  We will also visit some of the most iconic autocross locations east of the Mississippi including UMI Motorsports Park, Grissom AFB and Traders World. Lots of room for great course layouts, plenty of paddock parking and a social atmosphere that is unrivaled

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